Wednesday, July 29, 2009

happy Wednesday!

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

We're halfway to the weekend! What are your plans for the upcoming weekend? I'm headed to a twelve hour crop and hope to get a bunch of layouts and altered goodies accomplished. I've been in a slump and procrastinating. I think that I will also bring my flower making materials with me too and see what inspiration the group brings me.

I am in dire need of photographing a stack of LO's that I have created in the past couple of months. Why I am such a slacker with the photography department is beyond me. I LOVE to take pictures, but just can not get myself to snap pics of my work. Weird, huh? Perhaps I'll get off my duff and get that done this week and share with you all this week. That would be nice, right?

I'll close with a pic of my two kiddos being quiet, innocent, and not bickering with each other for once! Shocking, huh?!?

This will certainly make a great LO!!

Take care and have a wonderful day!


Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Pocket Full of Posies!

Meet my assistant, Sir Thumbie! AKA Oliver. He lOVES to help me out in making the flowers that are shown below by biting my threads in two. It is just oh so helpful I tell you.. It's hard for me to imagine that I caught him "resting" here. That's a rarity these days as he is an avid bird watcher as well as sewing and scrapping assistant.
Here are a bunch of the flowers that I have made! They are in various sizes, fabrics, textures, everything. I love experimenting!

Thanks so much for looking! You can see them at Creatively Green Scrapbook Store's Message Board and you will soon be able to purchase them in their online store!!
I am so very excited about this new venture in my life!
Take care,