Thursday, August 6, 2009

A Couple Gavin Layouts!

My Gavin...

He's such a sweet boy, but trying sometimes. What else should I expect out of an almost seven year old. I can not believe that he will be celebrating his birthday on the thiry-first of this month! Where has the time gone?

Here a a couple layouts of my special guy. I used one of the great kits from Scrap for a Cure to create them. I did add in a few other papers that I felt complimented the kit. I adore the kits from there! Check them out if you get a chance. I think that is simply wonderful that they also donate a percentage of there proceeds to worthwhile charties.

Boo Boo Giggle Pants! That is Gavin's special name from me. He earned it when he was little and kept getting boo boos all the time. What a silly boy!

Here is my Budding Artist! Gavin loves to create works of art. Here he is with one of his clay creations. I love how proud he is. His love for art is refreshing and something that I certainly foster and support to the fullest.

So there you have it. My big guy in all his glory. Love you Gavin!

Have a wonderful and creative day!


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Unknown said...

Cute LO's! I loved that kit, I think I used the whole thing