Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Bowlin Blooms for Scraptacular!

Hi there,

I created this "Bowlin Bloom" with some scraps from the Boardwalk kit that Beth coordinated for August at Scraptacular.

I call it a Bowlin Bloom as Jenni Bowlin herself showed me how to create the basics of these blooms a few years ago at a tradeshow.  Talk about awe inspiring!  Jenni is so sweet!

To create the base flower you need:
~ Three circles of paper.  Can be whatever you desire, hand cut or punched, etc.  About the same size would be great too!
~ Coordinating chalk ink(s)
~ A good strong quick drying liquid adhesive.
~ Stickles
~ Fibers of some fashion for the stamens.  I used hemp.
~ Scissors
~ Edge Distress Tool

1- Distress the edges of the circles with Edge Distress Tool.  Rough it up! 
2- Snip circles on their radius.  This would be from edge to center point.  Think of a "Pac-Man" with his mouth closed!  :)
3- Take each circle and pleat it along the center point.  This will create a ruffled up jumble and sort of look like a fan.  That's OK!
4- Pick out two and overlap cut ends to create a larger full circle.  Glue in place and smoosh slightly.Chalk edges.
5- Using the third circle, over lap it's ends and adhere in place.  Smoosh as necessary.  Smooshing is fun! Chalk edges here too. 
6- Glue smaller circle on the center of the larger circle.
7- Adhere desired fibers to the center flower with adhesive.
8- Cover adhesive in center of flower with Stickles.
9- Let dry and then enjoy!
10- :)

Hope that you have fun creating "Bowlin Blooms!"



Suzanne said...

Cool, cool, COOL! Look for a copy coming soon to a layout near you! :-D TFS

betsy (pharmgirl) said...

how cool is that?! and you MET Jenni?! Green with envy! I think I remember that getaway you had!