Monday, April 4, 2011

How to Dye White Ribbons with Mists

How to Dye White Ribbons with Mists

Have you ever wanted to have a special ribbon in that custom color that just works for your project?  Well, look no further and let's see how we can custom dye them with the popular papercrafting mists, some ziploc baggies, and sunshine. 

First gather together the colors of the Mists that you are looking to dye your ribbons.  I used a large collection of Glimmer Mists and Shimmerz spray mists. 

Place the lengths of ribbons individually in each ziploc baggie. 

The ribbons that I am dyeing for my project are all from May Arts: 
Satin Pleats in white: 379-58-01
Satin Pleats in White: 379-15-01
lace: 390-34-09
grosgrain ricrac in white: 330-01
Faux Linen: 368-15-01
crinkled ribbon: EA01
silky crushed: UK01
faux suede leaves XL09
leaves BY66

You can see what I started with a fresh, clean white slate of ribbons for my project. 

Once the ribbons have been divided into their bags, the fun begins!

Spray the mist on the ribbon in the bag here and there.  Scrunch the bag with your hand once and awhile to blend in the color.  You can add more than one Mist color for added shimmer, shine, and depth of color. 

When done misting and scrunching all of your ribbons, set to dry in the sunlight.  The length of time in drying them will vary depending on the material of the ribbons and also on how much dye was used.  It would be best to leave the baggies open partially so air can get in there and help facilitate the drying process.

Once dry, you will have a fun collection of custom colored ribbons! 
Here are mine!

I was so inspired by the colors I created with the ribbons.  I went and made this floral bib necklace to celebrate the arrival of Spring! 

I did add another fun May Arts ribbon to my necklace:
pearls beads wired: FY09
It has added that extra luxurious touch and feel to things. 

Thanks for reading about how to dye some custom ribbons!  It is fun and easy and adds a whole lot of punch to a project!

Have a wonderful Spring day!


Suzanne said...

Ohmygosh, how smart are you! Great way to cut down on overspray. TFS!

ruth said...

Love the tut!! I don't know why I don't think to spray my ribbons and such. I spray everything else! :) Thanks for the inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Great coloring technique! Thank you so much for sharing.