Monday, January 11, 2010

Last Chance.....

Last call!!!!

Last chance coming up for you to get your name in for a fantabulous BIRTHDAY Present from ME!!!

See last blog post for details!! :)

Will be drawing in the next couple days!!



nfaband said...

Well I've just found your blog, and it's wonderful. I love the tutorials you provide, can't wait to try out the perfect pearls now. Anywho ... about my favorite birthday .. I'd have to say it was when I turned 21 .. my mom and sister planned a huge surprise party for me and my then boyfriend (same birthdays) my whole family was there ... it was amazing especially since I'd never had a surprise party and it was the last one my mom ever gave me. I'll never forget the fun we had that night.
Happy Birthday ... to you!

Oh ... and I became a follower of your blog tonight as well.

nfaband said...

Forgot to mention ... my mom gave me her diamond engagment ring that night ... she had set her stone in my dads wedding band when he passed away (I was only 11 then) and she put her band on his finger to bury him. She wore his band (made smaller with her diamond set in it) until the night she gave it to me. I have it today and treasure it ... and my daughter will be 21 this June ... guess what she's getting.