Friday, May 22, 2009

Meet Charlie!!

I wanted to introduce you all to Charlie!
Charlie is my Mother's cat who is staying with us for the week. He is a very special cat in our family. He is about 8-9 years old and blind.
My mother adopted him from the Humane Society in Vermont. She fell in love with him in an instant. Charlie did not come from the best circumstances. He was found as a stray and was most likely abused. He is missing a little over half of his fluffy tail. His tail has a little hook on the end of it. It is a cute little tail, or stump, but it is heartbreaking to think of how it could have happened.

Charlie has been a great addition to our family. Everyone loves him and snuggles him tight. Elizabeth is learning how to be gentle to him. Charlie did haul off and smack her on his last visit here. She did get scratched and called it her "Sharlie Boo-boo!" Too cute! Turns out that this "boo-boo" was quite a big deal to Elizabeth. She has milked the "Sharlie Boo-boo" with all her might and was showing it off to anyone and everyone. All.the.time.

It will be a fun week with Charlie here. He is such a sweet and mellow cat.

I hope that you all have a fun week as well!


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