Friday, May 1, 2009

Too early!

My son has been sick with a sore throat and sinus infection for a few good days, weeks, forever it feels like now. He's just sick enough to stay home, again, but just well enough to be wound up tight. His little sister doesn't make matters any better as she is just excited that her brother is home. Enter the "mean Mommy," the one who has been told that she is "boring," "not fun," and "needs a spanking." Oh, the melodrama! The tears! The giggles! The sneezing! The grumpies! The attitudes! The coffee!!!

Did I mention that this all started at 6:04am and has been going strong ever since?
Way too early for all this commotion for this bleary eyed "mean Mommy," destroyer of all things just, fun, and right in the kid universe. Now where is my coffee?


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